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About us

About Squirrl

I travel a lot! Italy, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal and my absolute favourite, Antarctica, are some of the places I've been.

As much as I love travelling, there are certain places where I'm afraid my passport, money or credit cards may be stolen - especially in countries where we don't speak the language.

You know those places - cities where subway voiceovers tell you to be careful of pickpockets, or where people try to sell you flowers while sticking their hand in your pocket or waist bag...... I've even heard of a friend's uncle, a seasoned traveller who was wearing a pouch around his calf, hopped on a train and in a few stops the pouch was cut from his leg without him even feeling it!

Being the practical person I am, I've created the perfect travel undies!

Squirrls are made from premium soft, comfortable cotton with a secret and hygienic front pocket to hide your money, credit cards, travellers cheques, passport and other important papers. 

Personally, I've been known to leave my handbag in a restaurant only for it to be stolen. So, to Lynda-proof my holiday, I wear Squirrls all the time when I'm travelling, even in places that don't worry me.

I've worn Squirrls to festivals so if stuff is stolen from my tent it won't be important; and also to concerts and events so I don't have to take a handbag with me.

Squirrl is a small company located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Squirrls are manufactured in the western suburbs from cotton woven and dyed locally and even our packaging is made in the west! 

By being made in Australia I can guarantee they are ethically manufactured ensuring that people are paid appropriate wages and have safe working conditions. It's important to me to make sure Squirrl doesn't add to the problems of the world.

I had the original Squirrls made for me in 2009. It has taken 10 years to turn them into a product so other women can wear them!

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Happy travelling!