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FAQ's about Squirrl

As we're an Australian company, our logo doesn't look like the squirrel our UK and USA friends would know because we have based our logo on the Australian native
Squirrel Glider.

Squirrl gliders are about 20 cms (7 inches) long, totally gorgeous and live in the Australian states of Queensland (southern), New South Wales, Victoria (central) and in the eastern part of South Australia.  

From the image below, you can see that our Squirrl logo looks exactly like a squirrel - just not the one you may be used to seeing! 

Australian Squirrel Glider

Click here for more information about the Squirrel Glider  

Squirrls are specifically designed underpants to help women to travel more safely. 

To make your travel safer, Squirrls have a secret pocket at the top front of the undies to 'squirrel away' your passport, credit card and money.

If pickpockets can't see where you have stored your money, credit cards or passport, they will quickly move on to someone using a bumbag/fanny pack, handbag, under clothing travel pouch or backpack. Pickpockets are only interested in 'soft' targets. You won't be one of them.

Squirrls are made from comfortable and soft premium cotton and silky waist elastic.

They are a practical, fun and effective way to keep your belongings safe from theft or accidental loss and you or your loved one safe from vulnerability in someone else's country.  

Squirrl: Peace of mind in your pants!

Pickpockets are always looking for easy targets. It's their job to learn techniques which allow them to steal your travel documents, money or credit cards without you being aware of the theft. 

Waist packs show everyone that you're a tourist!

Handbags, even when zipped, are easy to access by pickpockets especially while standing still watching street entertainers or looking at a market stall.

Backpacks are great for storing water bottles, wraps, coins and maps but are too easy to access by pickpockets and too inconvenient for travellers who use a lock.  

Hotel room safes can be unlocked by anyone with the code. Hotel management and cleaners usually have the code and in countries where travel documents fetch a good price, your important travel documents could be taken when you are away from your room.

Travel pouches such as those worn under the arm, on the chest, neck or leg or pockets in jackets or trousers all change the drape of clothing. Pickpockets look for the drape of clothing to see where important travel items may be hidden. There is no change to the drape of your clothing when you wear Squirrl underpants.

Scarves with secret pockets only need to be taken off to be stolen.

We make Squirrls:

  • with immediate access to your items,
  • to ensure that your items are with you at all times
  • you reduce the risk of your backpack or handbag being stolen with all your travel items inside.

Always make sure your money, passport and credit card are close to you.

Wear Squirrls.   

We wear our Squirrls on the plane, train or bus. If you Google videos about travel theft you'll find that it happens with disastrous consequences for travellers not being able to enjoy their destination.  

International flights often carry 300+ passengers and in-flight theft isn't well known so it is easy to steal your passport, credit card or money from your bag under the seat or an overhead locker, get through customs and walk out of the airport!

We wear our Squirrls sightseeing, going out for dinner anywhere in the world or sipping an Aperol Spritz in an Italian cafe. Pickpockets watch for travellers who are relaxed and inattentive. It only takes a second for a thief to grab your backpack or handbag from your lap, rush off and blend into a crowd.

We wear Squirrls when getting money out of an ATM so that when we were mugged in Hanoi, the thieves had no idea we had money and only took our phones and backpacks. That was bad enough! 

We don't only wear our Squrrils to stop theft (although this is the major reason) we also wear them so we can't lose our valuables!  

We've left our hand bag at a restaurant near Stonehenge; we've walked around with our credit card and phone in our hand only to drop our credit card with out realising in London; we've taken out too much money to buy boots in Argentina, absent-mindedly put all our cash on the counter and walked away.

We've lost stuff all over the world which is the other reason we created Squirrls - to never do that again!  


Every time we've travelled since 2009, we've worn our Squirrls.

Each time we've had new pairs made, we've made changes to ensure they are more safe, more comfortable and absolutely hygienic to wear.

The secret pocket opening is located in front of the stomach just under the belly button meaning you are only putting your hand into the pocket, not into your actual undies.

We have made sure that the opening is wide enough tor you to easily pull out your passport, money and credit card so getting access is fast and discreet.

We suggest that you only carry enough cash you think you will use for the day. This way you only have to keep the amount you can afford to lose or have stolen from your handbag or backpack.Squirrelling away your passport, credit cards and extra cash means that even if your bag is stolen, you don't have to deal with the cost and stress of replacing a stolen passport or credit card.

Our Squirrls have 12 years of testing on women from sizes 6-24 to make sure they are as perfect as possible for all body shapes.

We use premium quality cotton and spandex which is super breathable, easy to hand wash and quick drying. 

Our first season of Squirrls were made in Braybrook, about 5 kms from where we live.

Unfortunately in 2020 we needed to find a new, non-Australian manufacturer due to the declining garment manufacturing industry in Australia. 

We visited friends in Medellin in January 2020 and were so pleased to meet a multi-generational garment manufacturing family. Barbara, Fabio, their children Cristina, Sebastian and Fabio-Leon and grandson, Isaac, know what they are doing.

It's very important to us that we use only ethical manufacturers who treat their staff lawfully and respectfully. When we visited Barbara and Fabio's factory in Medellin unannounced, we were struck by the genuine laughter of staff, the cleanliness of the shop floor, the quality of the garments and their quantity of clients. 

We can guarantee they Barbara and Fabio ensure safe working conditions, no child labour and award wages. It's important to us to make sure Squirrl doesn't add to the problems of the world.

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