Are you ready for overseas travel in 2022?

Squirrl believes that a woman’s place is wherever she wants to be.

So we’ve created high-waisted and hipster boyleg undies, both with a hidden pocket, to help women feel more secure when travelling.

You won’t be missing out on a thing on your exciting global adventures with the extra protection of travel underwear with a hidden pocket to store your valuables.

Just like a super secret zipper or a padlock makes you feel better about your luggage, hidden pocket underwear makes you feel safer on your adventure.

Travel undies function really well as a nifty, anti-pickpocket device. They’re more discreet than a bumbag, and much safer than a handbag. And, they’re designed for women who like to travel in comfort.

Imagine having your cash, cards, important papers, and passport hidden in the pocket of your boyleg underwear and then going about your day without the fear of a pickpocket swiftly plucking valuables from your bag.

Feel ready to lose yourself in the streets of Rome looking for the Trevi fountain without a worry.

Enjoy finding treasures at markets in Istanbul and marvelling at Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona without the need to constantly check if your passport, credit cards and cash have been stolen by a pickpocket.

We also offer travel-safe accessories such as fluid-resistant masks and clip-on hand sanitisers to boost your health and safety.

Travel prepared, travel confidently, and wear underwear with pockets to shift your focus from fear to fun.

Wherever you go, you'll be safer wearing Squirrl.

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