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Top 5 Things to Know when Solo Travelling as a Woman

22% of Australian women have travelled solo, and that number is growing! Solo travel for women is an eye-opening experience that gives you the confidence and courage to choose your own adventure. Plus, it’s safer than you might think!

We share some of our top tips to help you travel the world independently and safely.

Choose Your Destination with Intent

Think about your reasons for travelling - whether you want to spend your days relaxing on a tropical beach or exploring some of the world’s most famous historical sites. Explore why you want to travel, and you’ll soon discover where you should go.

Already know where you want to travel? Great! Have you researched the local customs and traditions? Religious and cultural practises vary across different countries and can impact what you should wear and how you should behave. A little bit of research will help you avoid causing unintentional offence and even potential legal trouble.

Travel Restrictions to be Aware of

Every country will have different travel requirements, so be sure to research your destination’s rules before travelling. This could include proof of vaccinations, valid visa and passport, travel insurance, and testing and isolation where required. 

We’re more likely to get a cold or feel ill while travelling by air due to close proximity to others and the air quality in planes and airports. Now more than ever, it’s essential to pack a fluid-resistant face mask and high-quality hand sanitiser where they are easily accessible. 

You can easily find out your destination’s travel requirements using the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller tool, or by visiting the relevant website of the country you’re visiting.

Creating your Itinerary

The best memories travelling solo as a woman can come from the unplanned, spontaneous experiences we have with the new friends we make along the way. Your itinerary should include all the necessary details, such as accommodation, travel, budget, and some ‘bucket list’ items, while also allowing you the freedom to explore what your destination has to offer. 

Expect the unexpected! When travelling solo, things will happen outside your control. By having a flexible itinerary, you will be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies that may arise. It’s also a good idea to include extra cash in your budget for emergencies, so if you need to change your transport or find new accommodation at the last minute, you won’t be out of pocket. 

Travelling alone can be stressful. By researching and planning the major details of your trip, you can spend more time enjoying your travels.

Pack light

It’s all about packing smart. With some strategic packing, you can travel the world in a single suitcase. Here are some of our favourite tips for saving space in your luggage:

  • Roll up your clothes instead of folding them – it really does save space. 
  • Ditch the jewellery! Expensive jewellery can make you a potential target to thieves, so leave your favourite accessories at home. 
  • Only pack the toiletries you can’t live without. You’ll be able to find basics like toothpaste, sunscreen and deodorant in most convenience stores across the world.
  • Add a few pairs of Squirrl undies to your packing list to keep your passport and cash safe. 

Squirrl undies let you travel the world with peace of mind knowing your passport, credit cards and cash are safe. These are perfect for the airport, day trips and even the gym! Both the full-brief and hipster styles are comfy to wear and discreetly hide your passport, money and credit cards in its hidden pocket.

Keep your accomodations to yourself (and trust your gut!)

In our experience, most locals and other travellers welcome women travelling solo. However, it is always important to trust your gut. If any situation begins to feel uncomfortable, it’s OK to change your plans and leave. 

We spend a lot of time at our hotel or accommodation of choice, from sleeping to planning the next steps of our trip. It’s essential that you feel safe and secure wherever you choose to stay. 

Keep your accommodation to yourself! Don’t tell strangers where you’re staying or who you’re staying with. However, you should always keep a written note or business card with your address if you ever get lost. Make sure to keep this information somewhere safe on your person where you can quickly get to it if you need it. 

Many hotel staff have a mastercode or key to your hotel room for cleaning and other hotel services. While your hotel room may seem safe, theft of devices, such as phones, laptops and tablets, and important documents can leave you stranded in an unfamiliar place. Fortunately, Squirrl undies can keep your passport and credit cards safe, so you’ll never be caught out in an emergency. 

Plan Ahead

When choosing your accommodation, always look up reviews online, and read  the bad ones! Often other solo women travellers will share their experiences, so you know exactly what to expect. 

When planning your accommodation, you may also want to consider if you want a private room or a shared room with other travellers. This can be a great way to meet other solo travellers, make new friends and save money, while private rooms offer higher security and privacy. 

If you do your research before you travel, you’ll have a great time wherever you choose to stay!

Why Squirrl products are perfect for the solo woman traveller!

Travelling solo as a woman for the first time can be daunting; however, if you do your research and let yourself be open to adventure, it will be a trip to remember! 

Stay safe and always be prepared with a fitted face mask in your carry on. You’ll likely be required to wear this while in airports, on the plane, trains, taxis and other enclosed spaces, so pack a few to ensure you have enough clean masks for your entire trip. 

Additionally, carry a hand sanitiser to use regularly while you travel. You’ll be touching a LOT of shared surfaces on your trip and will be in close proximity to others. Using hand sanitiser regularly will reduce the spread of germs. The Squirrl hand sanitiser clips conveniently onto your carry-on luggage, so you’ll never lose it!

Pack smart, and only take what you need. Take advantage of travel hacks that help optimise space in your luggage, like multipurpose travel solutions.

Carrying valuables in your pocket, backpack or bag  opens you up to pickpockets and petty theft. Leaving valuables in your onboard luggage creates the opportunity for theft when you’re asleep or leave your seat, even if you’re gone for only a moment or leave your bag under your seat.  By wearing Squirrl undies when you’re travelling, you’ll have a convenient, discreet pocket to keep your passport, credit cards and money hidden and safe.l. Available in full briefs and hipster styles (with full bottom coverage on both!), they are perfect for long flights, exploring new cities and even the gym.


If you’re ready to start your adventure into solo travel, we’re here for you! You can read all our travel tips for women here.

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