Solo Female Travel in Italy. Is it Safe?

Solo Female Travel in Italy. Is it Safe?

Drenched in culture, Italy is one of the dreamiest travel destinations for women who travel alone. The beaches are sparkling, the architecture and art are marvellous, the towns are picture-perfect, and the food is on another level. It makes sense that so many travellers visit Italy to live la dolce vida. And there’s nothing wrong with romancing yourself. So, you might be wondering, is Italy safe for solo female travellers?

Mostly, Italy is very safe for women venturing out on their own. For solo travellers, there is a minor risk of petty theft, while violent crimes are very rare. Protect your valuables by storing them in the hidden compartment of your travel underwear with a secret pocket. Invest in gear with super-secret zippers to keep your travel papers safe and lock larger belongings such as your laptop or tablet securely in your room. Our underwear with pockets are just like your most comfy high-waist or hipster boyleg underwear, but they feature a brilliant pickpocket-proof solution.

To make the most of a trip to Italy, read on as we highlight the unmissable spots and attractions, and a little more on safety that is specific to women. Whether you’re a returning visitor or a first-time traveller, get ready to swoon.


Why travel to Italy solo? 

Italy is without a doubt one of the best spots to start your solo travel adventures. There are oh-so-many beautiful spots to enjoy a gelato, spritz, espresso, or bowl of pasta. The tourist tracks are well-worn, and the travel infrastructure in Italy is exceptional. 

Most destinations can be visited by train or bus, with trains being the fastest way to travel between cities. Once you’re in any of Italy’s gorgeous destinations, you’ll probably get around on foot which is often the best way to get a feel for a place. 

As mentioned, keeping valuables secure is paramount in certain areas in case pickpockets are around, but also for peace of mind and travel confidence. So add high-waist or hipster boyleg travel underwear with pockets to your travel list, as well as hand sanitiser and a face mask. If you’re travelling alone and far from home, it’s especially important to prioritise your health.

A common issue for female travellers in Italy is overt catcalling from Italian men. You’ll likely hear ‘ciao bella’ a few more times than you’d like as you walk down the streets. It’s usually harmless, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel intimidating or uncomfortable. Do as the Italian women do: Ignore them, and if you feel overwhelmed or unsafe, stop into a shop or cafe. 

Is Italy good for first-time solo female travellers?

Because Italy is such a popular tourist destination, wherever you go, you’ll most likely not be the only foreigner. This is not only comforting, but it proves just how accessible the country is for visitors. Rome, with its millions of annual visitors and seriously stunning drawcards, has got to be number one on your list when visiting Italy. There’s the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain all right there ready to amaze you. Make this bustling city your first port of call, and do as the Romans do: Say yes to the glorious hours that make up aperitivo ‘hour’.

If you’re a first-time traveller, get used to wearing underwear with pockets and storing cards, cash, and important documents in the hidden compartment, especially at major transportation hubs and tourist attractions where it’s easy to get distracted and then targeted by pickpockets. At train stations, airports, and crowded areas, it’s a good idea to don a face mask for health’s sake to err on the side of caution.

Group tours to Italy

An excellent option for travellers who aren’t quite ready to go it alone is to go on a group tour. If the ‘safety in numbers’ approach appeals to you, then a group tour in Italy may be a suitable option, especially for those who enjoy being social on their adventures. Share beautiful experiences with a small group, making friends and memories along the way. Hike along the Dolomites and visit food halls, domed cathedrals, and artisan shops in Florence. Share that gondola ride, and sample all the restaurant food you possibly can with a fun group in Sicily. 

Is Italy good for experienced solo female travellers?

The more comfortable you are in a place, the more you’ll get out of it. Experienced solo female travellers will adore the confidence they get from exploring Italy off the beaten track. While there’s so much to enjoy in the cities and spots reachable by train and bus, hiring a car to visit the postcard-perfect villages and towns will make for an unforgettable trip. We’re thinking of regions like Tuscany, the wine-filled countryside near Florence, and sun-baked Calabria; the ‘toe’ of the boot. 

Up north, the mountainous regions of South Tyrol and Friuli are less packed with tourists and are best explored by car. Experienced solo female travellers enjoy these areas for the hiking that’s on offer, and the region’s food. One of the most loved aspects of Italy is that each region has its own dishes and specialties, so travelling confidently throughout Italy will be a delightful culinary exploration. Up north, dishes are driven by land produce, and down south, it’s more about seafood. 

And if you’ve visited Italy before, with all that warmth and food-centric hospitality, returning to Italy will no doubt feel like you’re coming home.


Feeling confident and equipped for solo travel, women will have a beautiful time in Italy. Being one of the top 10 best solo travel places for women, expect that your first trip to Italy won’t be your last. In preparation, shop our travel underwear with pockets today.

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