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8 tips for feeling refreshed after a long flight


Landing feeling refreshed after a long haul flight doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Here are some tips to help you beat the fight against dehydration and tiredness.

  1. Pack a neck pillow 
    Pillows provided by airlines don’t cut it for getting a decent sleep. Consider packing a good quality neck pillow - whether it’s microbead, memory foam or inflatable is up to you. Just be aware that the cheaper ones may cause your skin to itch or sweat.
  2. Wear an eye mask and ear plugs 
    Are you sitting next to noisy passengers? Packing an eye mask and ear plugs will help improve your chances of catching some zzz's.
  3. Drink water, water and more water 
    Low humidity in the cabin causes moisture to evaporate quickly, resulting in dehydration. The more dehydrated you are, the worst the jetlag! So, fill up an empty water bottle after you pass customs (security reasons) and grab more water at every opportunity on the plane.
  4. Avoid alcohol 
    We know, we know… you're looking forward to binge watching the in-flight entertainment with a glass of wine. Read point number 3 above as to why this may not be a great idea.
  5. Lip balm 
    Lips are one of the first places to show signs of dehydration, so use some lip balm to prevent dry or cracked lips.
  6. Eye drops 
    Hate that gritty eye feeling when you haven’t slept properly? So do we! Pack some comfort eye drops to alleviate any irritation.
  7. Get up and walk every couple of hours 
    Fight that sluggish feeling and get the circulation pumping by stretching your legs and getting up and about every couple of hours. This will also help reduce risk of deep vein thrombosis.
  8. Mini refresh before landing 
    A mini refresh about an hour before landing can help you feel human again. Brush your teeth, use facial wipes to give your face a once over (can also freshen your armpits), apply some moisturiser, light makeup, deodorant (pack mini roll on only) and brush your hair.

What do you swear by to get through long haul flights feeling fresh as a daisy?

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