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5 things to do immediately if your bag is stolen

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If you're overseas and your bag has been stolen, here are 5 things you must do immediately.

  1. Contact local police
    You will need a police report if you want to claim any travel insurance for stolen items. Where possible ask for an English translation of the report.
  2. Contact your local Embassy 
    You will find the location of your nearest Australian Embassy via www.dfat.gov.au.If you need to travel soon, the embassy can issue you with an emergency passport.
  3. Contact a family member back home
    While you may not want to worry family back home, you may need their help with grabbing copies of your ID or transferring money over if your wallet has been stolen.
  4. Contact your Travel Insurance 
    Don’t wait until you return home before contacting your travel insurer. Depending on what coverage you have, they may be able to provide some emergency assistance.
  5. Contact your bank 
    If your wallet contained credit and debit cards, you will need to contact your bank ASAP to cancel them. They should be able to provide a new card quickly but it will be sent to your home address. Get a friend or family member to forward it on to you.


☑️ Make copies of all important travel documents and save them online. Dropbox or google drive are good tools.

☑️ Don't keep important items such as your passport, credit card or cash in a bag or backpack or bumbag!

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