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Owen Island, Little Cayman


For anyone feeling stressed out and craving a castaway experience, then Owen Island is for you. A tiny speck of land (11 acres to be exact) off Little Cayman's south shore, it has been rated as the Number 1 Most Deserted Island you can visit.

Being uninhabited, you can make your way over in the morning, destress and relax, before heading back for the evening.

Four ways to enjoy Owen Island:

  1. Rent a kayak at Southern Cross and paddle the 200 metres across to Owen Island. The water is shallow and flat.
  2. Pack up some snorkelling gear and explore the marine life in transparent blue water.
  3. Enjoy the 45 minute walk around the island (don't do this in bare feet) and admire the variety of plants, shell fish, pink coral and marine life.
  4. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy it on the pristine white sand.


* There are no amenities so bring water and food.

* Shade is limited so bring sunscreen and a hat.

* Bring a spare bag to transport your rubbish back.

Sun + sand + Owen Island = bliss 😊

So tell us the truth... would you take someone with you to Owen Island or enjoy it alone?

Photo credit: @beachboxtv

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